It’s late and my contacts are dry as fuck – an aphrodisiac for blog post writing.


REDRUM! REDRUM! For your skin.


Wow my very own blog!  It sucks that I have to feed it, walk it, and hit it when it shits on the carpet – just like a girlfriend.  This doesn’t make me cry in the shower though.  Yet.

So my contacts are dry as fuck.  I’ve got that Clear Eyes shit (raelC seyE for you dyslectics); but, while is remoistens my lenses – it gives my skin third-degree burns.  Now I know what that blood was made out of in Aliens.  Besides Taco Bell.

I got a tear drops worth right under my eye on Monday, and it looked like I had talked back to my pimp – that’s something only a newb does (newb = new bitch).  What the fuck Clear Eyes?  Did you forget to add the second line?  Cooked flesh.  How about law suit?

Have you used this shit guys?  Does it burn your skin?  Or is its “Multi-Action RELIEF,” just trying to RELIEVE me of my robustly pale skin?

Comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts.  Or a STFU. 🙂